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I Found a Peanut – Three Midniters

Do any of you remember your primary school music classes?

Screeching recorder squeals. Shameless tambourine bashing. Games of duck-duck-goose when the Mr Bonaci was to strained to actually teach us anything. Ahhh, those were the days. It was indeed a precious time.

There was something about music class that I just loved. It wasn’t because we got to get away from regular class for an hour, (although it was always considered a gift to get away from our severely odd grade three teacher, Mrs Sonago). And it wasn’t because I was musically talented in any sense, rather, the situation was quite the opposite. No, there was just something about that hour that made my school week just a little bit brighter (but then again, at that age, finding a caterpillar in the school patch of sour-sucks would have made my week also).

Mainly, I think I loved the kooky songs we got to learn. To this day, I could probably list about seven of those songs off the top of my head. But by far, my favourite was the I Found a Peanut song.

Look, I wont spoil the song for you, because it’s really something you have to experience to truly appreciate, but let’s just say that someone find’s a peanut, and it doesn’t go down so well (quite literally).

The first time I heard it, in grade three music class at Tarrawingee Primary School, I could not stop laughing. In fact, the whole class found it hysterical, much to the delight of our music teacher. When he couldn’t get us to shut up, he decided to embrace our crazy behavior. We spent the rest of the lesson making up a little play to accompany the song, acting out each horribly hilarious scene as he played the tune.

I required, I think I could still recite the lyrics, and probably about half of the dance moves. Although, it should be noted that I try to avoid peanuts, if possible.

My only hope to you all is that you have the opportunity to hear this song, and hopefully pass it on to some other snot-nosed little kid, sparking fear into their soul that they could die potentially from a rotten peanut.



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