Story of Your Song

Behind every song, there is a story – and we intend to share them.

Samson – Regina Spektor

It’s difficult for me to write about this song.

I guess mostly, it’s hard for me to eloquently put into words how this song makes me feel, because the emotion is just so indescribably strong.

No other song has had there same visceral effect on my heart. No other song has had the ability to make me instantly well up. No other song has the same abrupt ability to transform me to another time as place. Only Samson.

As soon as those first few bars of piano melody begin to play, I can feel myself cascading into a past world. A world where I did not care for myself, I only cared for one other person. Those years were encompassed by a plot of wasted life and lost opportunities; soundtracked by Samson.

So many nights I cried myself to sleep to this song. Laying under the covers of my safe, secure bed, thinking of my feelings for this person. I longed so severely for my love to be the like the story of Samson, a tale off all engulfing love that needs no reassurance or has no questioning.

I, however, didn’t have this. My love for this person was torrential. A constant battle of ups and downs that cost me more than I agreed to barter. Indeed, my relationship with this person would never be like Regina and Samson. This was clear.

But still, I continued to share the most of myself with this person.

Like a raging sea, our love was unpredictable and dangerous, ravaging the beach with lashings of anger and resentment.

One day, I could not take anymore, and, as predicted, this ocean swelled to enormous proportions, washing away all that I had ever felt for this person.

Our beach was left bare, not even a footprint was left remaining.

Although this love was lost, it did not deter me. I set myself on the quest of finding my own Samson.

And now I have.

But that’s another song story for another time.


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