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INTERVIEW: Kacey Wells on ‘Ours’

Obsession is a hard word to define, isn’t it? I mean, when does love or adoration reach the level of obsession? And what is the gauge of harmless fascination reaching dangerous neurosis? Do healthcare professionals need to be called into the mix before a label of ‘obsessed’ is given?

In the case of my dear friend, Kacey Wells, the word ‘obsessed’ gets thrown around quite a lot. You see, Kacey is a die hard ‘Swifty’.

Whilst she goes about her life in only the most independent of ways, a vast majority of Kacey’s time is devoted to her one true love. No, this love is not her fiancé Jerry (although he rates a considerable mention), rather it is for country pop sensation, Taylor Swift.

Studying a Diploma of Education at La Trobe University Bendigo, Kacey came to love Swift for her “down to earth personality and her awesome catchy songs that speak out to just about anyone who listens to them”.

Indeed, her love for the songstress is immense, and whilst many would argue her homemade shrine to the popstar lapses on the edges of obsession, I would argue that her idolisation of Swift is extremely warranted.

In an investigation into what truly makes a ‘die hard’ fan, I interviewed Kacey on her love for the superstar and, of course, a song story she could share from Swift’s impressive catalogue.

Kacey (centre) with fellow ‘Swifty’s’ at Taylor’s latest concert.


Ours by Taylor Swift, a song that Kacey instantly remembers as being a ‘new’ favourite of hers.

I heard the song for the first time on the Summer holidays just gone, I was at home and got really excited because I discovered a new Taylor song. Only it wasn’t new, it had been out since the Speak Now album that was released Oct 25th 2010. I just had a different edition of the album so I was over a year behind!”

Despite Kacey’s lagging awareness of the song, as soon as she heard it, she found the narrative to be relatable to her life.

“The story, to me, is about a relationship between two people, and how outsiders to the relationship constantly give their opinions on love and what they think is right. But, to me, no one really knows what a relationship is like except the people who are in it. People always have things to say about other people and their relationships, but a relationship should be between just two people and not those around it. I like that Taylor doesn’t care what other people think. Not so much now, but in the past, people would try and say things about Jerry and I – “but this love is OURS”. I feel the song speaks out to me and my relationship. I can listen to the song and that’s exactly what I feel, or felt, in our high school days.”

It’s undeniable that Swift’s songs hold much importance to Kacey, speaking to her in ways which other artists cannot.

Indeed, her love for Swift’s music knows no bounds, with Kacey getting a small love heart tattoo on her left foot, in homage to the singer.

However, for Kacey, nothing compares to seeing Swift live in concert. This year, for her birthday, she waited eight hours in line at her Melbourne gig, if only to meet other ‘Swifty’s’ and to revel in love that Australia has for the songstress.

“I loved waiting in a line before we got to see her perform, it was really hot, and it was pretty gross actually, but I would do it again any day. It was really good, to see so many other people there for the same reason as me. People that are so passionate about her. Then when she came out….. thinking about it brings tears to my eyes but strangely I didn’t cry when I was at the concert! I was so overwhelmed. But the BEST part was being offered a pit pass and being right up at her stage and then holding her arm – if that doesn’t sound too creepy…”

When asked what Kacey would say to Swift if she met her, she said she would simply just thank her.

“If I could actually get the words out of my mouth I would say thank you. A LOT. She has brought me so much happiness. I’d tell her how much of an amazing idol she is, and I’d definitely show her my tattoo – even if she thought I was a freak… but I’m sure she’d appreciate it.”

To me, there’s nothing ‘freakish’ about Kacey’s love for Taylor, in fact, I believe there’s nothing more natural than a passionate reaction to music. Sure, Kacey’s passion is probably more intense than anything I’ve ever witnessed, but that’s certainly not to her detriment. Rather, it makes Kacey the delightfully enthustastic and loving person that I am proud to call my friend.


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