Story of Your Song

Behind every song, there is a story – and we intend to share them.

Hello – The Cat Empire

I like to think my life has been sectioned into chapters, dog-eared by musical moments in time that will persist to stain my memory for years to come.

Birthdays, dance concerts, picnics, treasure hunts, funerals, drunken nights, first kisses, bonfires, boat rides – all of these events, and many more, are marked so fondly by songs which move me to this very day.

So, I feel it only fitting that this blog be christened by of song story of my own – if only to share my love for music and to perhaps help soften the blow for anyone else who might fancy a spot on this Zine.

And what better place to start than a song from the band that started it all, The Cat Empire.


I still remember the first time I heard the song.

I was driving form my blink-and-you-miss-it home town of Tarrawingee into Wangaratta with my Mum (yes, they’re actually real town names, not made up ones) and we were tuned into Triple J, our station of choice.

As Scott Dooley uttered the band’s name, Mum eagerly pipped along to announcer’s review of the band.

“Oh yes! This song is great! It’s so happy sounding! Turn it up!”

I immediately obeyed as the sound of trumpets and trombones filled the car.

The smile on my face was instantaneous – as if i had been injected with a contagious drug filled with laughter and love.

The feeling was infectious, Mum was grinning ear to ear.

I opened the window to let the music stream out, so the world could get a taste of just how good this song was – and it responded.

The sun shone through the trees that lined the highway, speckling the car with a glittery light that danced along with every beat of the song.

As the singer – later known to me as Felix Riebl – bellowed out his throaty ‘CCCHHHHELLLLOO CHHHEEEELLLOOOO’s’, I began to sing along, a feat which I rarely attempt on first listen.

When the song ended, I immediately wanted to hear it again, so much so, that when we arrived into town, Mum and I made a beeline to the local Leading Edge CD shop to buy the album.

Since that day, I have bought all six of their albums, seen them lives five times, and inked my self once – with a tattoo of their logo on my back.

That day changed my life, as I found a song that can instantly make me happy, even in the darkest of moments.

I hope it does the same for you too.


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