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A Hole in the Garden – Jackson Jackson

By far, my favourite part of the stressful, all encompassing time that was yr 12 was media class.

I was like the Rachel Berry of that class, always wanting to be the best and do better than my compares. I don’t quite know what brought out that competitive nature in me, because usually I’m quite laid-back when it comes to that sort of thing. I mean, I don’t think I ever had the privilege of holding a ‘1st’ school sports ribbon in my hands, or had the joy of becoming the SRC rep for my class, but to be honest, I really didn’t care! So it was quite out of place for me to be so competitive with my schooling.

So when it came time to create our main media project for the year, I started planning early.

We had the task of creating a four minute video piece for our practical examination and I started thinking on the task at least three months in advance. I had the idea when walking to school one day to base my fictional video story around one of my favourite songs at the time, A Hole in the Garden by Jackson Jackson.

The song just spoke to me. Something about the rich, raw and fabulously funky vocals of Harry James Angus (of The Cat Empire fame) just got my imagination hitting sixes.

In short, my debut into film was a tortuous tale that showcased the perils of drugs on young adults; featuring clowns and circus performers (naturally).

Ok, so the ‘self-help-trippy-circus-youngadult-edutainment’ film was pretty much a disaster in regards to storyline. But hey, I got an A!

Despite the film being cringe-worthy for me to watch today, I still love the song that inspired it (don’t worry, there’s nothing ‘edu-tainment’ about Jackson Jackson!)


One comment on “A Hole in the Garden – Jackson Jackson

  1. Helen Stark
    June 22, 2012

    Harry is the MAN!!!!

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